How do I share a quote to Twitter?

There are two ways to share a quote from your eBook in the reader to Twitter.

Note: Sharing a quote does not automatically also save it as a private highlight.


1. Click at the beginning of the desired text and drag your mouse until you reach the end of the quote that you'd like to share.

Once you release the click, a menu will pop up. Click on Share...:


And then click on the Twitter icon:


The first time you share a quote from the reader, you will need to connect your library account to Twitter:


Clicking on the button to connect will send you to the Twitter website to authorize the connection:

This authorization is a Twitter requirement and can be revoked at any time through Twitter's website by logging into your Twitter account, going to Settings, then Apps, and then clicking on the Revoke access button next to the BiblioCommons app.


Once your account has been connected successfully, you will receive a notification:


Now that your account has been connected, you will need to go through the steps to share your quote again for it to be posted to Twitter:


The Twitter panel that opens up will allow you to edit your Tweet and see a preview of the quote image:

If your library has included any specific hashtags, be sure to keep them in your Tweet so that your quote shows up in their One Book One City feed!


Once you click Tweet! and your tweet is successfully posted, you will receive a notification:


And you will see the tweet in your Twitter timeline:


If you would like to delete your Twitter quote, you will need to do so on Twitter's website.


2. If you already have a private highlight saved that you'd also like to share to Twitter, you can click on the highlight itself to bring up the Share menu and follow the same steps as above:

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