How do I share a quote to the library's catalog?

There are two ways to share a quote from your eBook in the reader to the library's catalog.

Note: Sharing a quote does not automatically also save it as a private highlight.


1. Click at the beginning of the desired text and drag your mouse until you reach the end of the quote that you'd like to share.

Once you release the click, a menu will pop up. Click on Share...:


And then Catalog:


Once your quote has been successfully shared to the catalog, you will receive a notification:


And it will show up under the Quotes tab on the title's bib page:


If you would like to edit or delete your quote, you will need to do so through the bib page.


2. If you already have a private highlight saved that you'd also like to share to the catalog, you can click on the highlight itself to bring up the Share menu and follow the same steps as above:

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