How do I read an eBook?

Now that you've checked out your eBook, you can read it.

You can use the Download Now link on your Checked Out page or the DOWNLOAD EPUB button in the library reader to download an EPUB/ACSM file to read with an eReading device or app.

There are also a few ways to access the library reader to read directly in your browser:

1. The notification that appears immediately after checking out a title:

2. Your Checked Out page or the search results page:

3. The item page:


Clicking on any of these links, will take you to your library reader shelf:


Click on the cover image of the eBook that you'd like to read to load it onto your computer or device. A download bar will appear to indicate the loading progress:


Once the download is complete, a notification will appear. The title and reader itself have both been cached to your browser, so you can also read offline if you wish:


Click on the cover image again to begin reading:

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