How do I add and access bookmarks?

Adding Bookmarks

You can bookmark pages in your eBook that you find important or just want to remember.

Note: Bookmarks are private and only you can see them when logged into your library account.

You can place a bookmark in your eBook by using the reader controls. When you're on the desired page, just click on the bookmark icon:

Once the bookmark has been placed, the icon will turn white:


Accessing Bookmarks

You can access the saved bookmarks for your eBook by using the reader controls.

The controls are displayed on the bottom right. Click on the list icon to open the drawer:


Then click on the Bookmarks tab:


This will allow you to view the bookmarks panel:


Clicking on the bookmark will jump you to the bookmarked page.


Removing Bookmarks

There are two ways to remove a bookmark.

1. On the bookmarked page, you can click on the white bookmark icon to remove the bookmark:


2. You can remove a bookmark by clicking on the X next to the desired bookmark in the Bookmarks panel:


Click on Close Drawer to return to reading.

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