How do I check out an eBook?

To check out an eBook:

1. Search for a title that you'd like to read. Include the word ebook in your keyword search or use the eBook facet after you search:

2. If a copy is available, click the Check Out link on the search results page:


Or the Check Out eBook button on the item page:

3. An overlay will appear that shows you what formats the eBook will be available in. Click the Checkout button to continue:

4. A confirmation message will appear at the top of the page once you have checked out the eBook. You can click the Read Now link to begin reading immediately in the the library reader in your browser. If other reading or downloading options are available, they will also appear:

5. If you'd prefer to read the eBook later, you can do so by clicking on the Read Now button on either your Checked Out page:


Or the item page:

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